Summer’s here! Don’t forget to write!

early 1900s postcard - Take a trip to Gardiner, Me. and forget your troubles

School is out; the weather’s warm; it’s time to hit the road, explore old (and new!) favorite places, and share your adventures and travels with friends and family.  Long before Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, postcards were the way to drop a line and keep folks up to date.  We have a wonderful collection of Gardiner-themed postcards in our Community Archives Room.  Many of them depict scenes around town, but there are also quite a few that were more generic, novelty cards into which Anytown, USA, could be inserted — and Gardiner was not to be left out of the fun!

Here are some classics that recently entered our collection — Enjoy!  At just over 100 years old, these range from about 1900-1915.

early 1900s postcard - No Time to Write in Gardiner

early 1900s postcard - We are just as happy as can be in Gardiner, ME.

early 1900s postcard - Stirring times in Gardiner, Me.








early 1900s postcard - I'm tied up in Gardiner

early 1900s postcard - The girls snap you up quickly in Gardiner, ME. I was caught the moment I got here.


early 1900s postcard - When you are away from Gardiner, ME. Do you have another girl







And don’t forget,

If you’re in search of a happy home, come to Gardiner, Me., this is a classy spot!

early 1900s postcard - If you're in search of a happy home, come to Gardiner, ME. this is a classy spot


Happy Summer, everyone!!!


Summer Season

Summer is really, yes REALLY, beginning this month!  We have had a very long stretch of odd? Unusual? Strange? Wet? (you choose) weather this Spring, and I for one am ready for the new season.

Here in Gardiner we bring in the summer season with the Greater Gardiner River Festival.  This year the festival happens on June 22nd, the second official day of summer.

There will be many activities that day – from Ice Cream for Breakfast, to Face Painting, to the Arts and Crafts Fair on Water Street.

For us, here at the library, one of the most important events is our Annual Book Sale.  The book sale takes place here at the library, mainly in the historic Hazzard Reading Room.  The library doors open at 9:00, and the sale runs until 3:00.

You never know what you might find – books (of course), movies – both DVD & Blu-Ray, perhaps some music, we’ve had games at times, . . . Best of all? Prices start at $.50, and might be as much as $2.00 on a few items.  All proceeds benefit the Gardiner Public Library, but WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

Join us here at the library, show your support of the library and enjoy a day filled with fun, treasures, and laughter.