Library History

There has been a library collection in Gardiner since 1796. The Library building is owned by the Gardiner Library Association.

The present library was built (designed by architect Henry Richards).

The R.P. Hazzard wing was added to become the Children’s Room.

The J. Walter Robinson Reference Wing was added.

The Burress Moore, III Children’s Room was created using the second floor of the library which had originally been designed as a public hall known as Library Hall and which had been maintained by the Library Association for public entertainments, lectures and balls. It had eventually deteriorated into an attic storage space before being renovated to become the new Children’s Room.

The Community Archives Room was added to house the Gardiner history collection and provide a larger space for meetings. This renovation was funded by private monies.

The Victorian Garden in memory of Peg Campbell Shaw was added in front of the R.P. Hazzard wing.

The R.P. Hazzard Room was remodeled to become the R. P. Hazzard Reading Room. The dropped ceiling was removed to restore the original wood beams, molding and ceiling. The main building was also renovated to add an elevator with access to all floors.

The J. Walter Robinson Reference Wing was remodeled to include a handicapped accessible ramp, entrance and restroom.

The Stained glass Rosetta window in the new Children’s Room was restored.

A Special Collections Librarian hired allowing the Community Archives Room, now also housing Farmingdale’s local history collection.

The Burress Moore III Children’s Room renovations are finished. Renovations included restoration of the windows, removal of the dropped ceiling, exposing the original wood beams, molding and cathedral ceiling. A new furnace and air circulation system was also installed.