Ladies Literary Overnight

Recently we had our second annual Ladies Literary Sleepover in the library – yes, we did it a second time!
Eighteen women had fun in the library, after hours.  We talked, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we played games, we talked, we visited, we ate, we slept (a little) and we got up and did it all again!
The ladies began arriving around 7:00, munchies and sleeping bags in hand.  We set up our buffet of yummies in the Young Adult Room, and YUMMIES they were!  We had blueberries, chips, fruit, salad, pizza, eggs, soda and chocolate (it’s not a party without chocolate!!!).
Dawn Thistle, our Archives Librarian, had an historic Gardiner scavenger hunt.  Everyone gathered in the Reading Room, for this interactive trip through the area – from the 1800s forward.  What a fascinating way to learn about where we live.


After munching, and chatting some more, folks migrated to various areas of the library – some for games, Scrabble and Hugger Mugger in particular, some for reading of books, some for reading of tarot cards, and some for more visiting.
Eventually, we chose our various sleeping spots – several in the Children’s Room – on the stage, in the puppet area, as well as surrounding the train.  The rest of us slept on the main level of the library – one person opted to sleep in the stacks among the biographies, but the majority spread out in the Reading Room.
Sunday morning we were up early – coffee, fruit and Frosty’s donuts were on the menu – can I just say YUM!!!  We all gathered our various and sundry belongings, checked the stacks one last time, and headed home to our regularly scheduled Sunday events.
Will we do this next year???  Watch the calendar and check with staff for a sleepover next Summer!

Grown-Up Girls Getaway



Recently we had a slumber party here in the library!  No, not kids, not teenagers, but adult women!  Can you believe it? 
About a year ago, a couple of our regular users and I were chatting.  One of them mentioned how much fun it would be to be “locked in the library overnight!”  From that comment the idea grew. 
“Grown-Up Girls Getaway Sleepover in the Library” became a reality.  The ladies, ranging in age from early 20s to mid-life and beyond, began arriving around 7:00 Saturday evening.  We shared much food, laughter, and conversation into the wee hours of the morning.  Some of our friends slept in the Children’s Room and some slept in the Hazzard Reading Room.  Sleeping bags, bed rolls, air mattresses, the sofas and the floor were all available.
Sunday morning we had more lively conversation along with coffee, donuts and fruit.  Then our friends went back to their families, hopefully with fond memories of their Night in the Library!
“Had a great time, eating, laughing and reading with a great group of women.”
“What a wonderful experience.  I have been coming to the library since I was five years old, now 77.  This rounds out my library experience.”
“A memorable premier trip to the Gardiner Public Library!  A fun-filled night of trivia and warmth!  Basically, every good reader’s dream. Thanks!”
“What a great night!  Lovely ladies, great food, fun games, and a great opportunity to be able to claim that we slept in the library!”
“Who doesn’t want to spend a night at the library?  A lot of fun with a great group of gals!  Thank you for hosting such an enjoyable bookworms’ dream!”
“Our 1st annual? Yes! Ladies, laughter, literature – how lovely!  Such and enjoyable evening.  Thank you sofor this fun and enlightening overnight!”
“The dream becomes a reality.  Thank you for doing this crazy idea.  What a great time.  Books, chocolate and coffee!”
“What a wonderful night!  Spending time with other regular patrons of the library and avid readers was an incredible experience.  Getting to know these other women was so much fun!  I would love to do this again!  There has never been a better experience than spending the night at the library, so many books!  Only one night!”