News From the Children’s Room

I would like to tell you about some of the new things in the Children’s Room. I have started an “I can read shelf” for patrons to make it easier to find this type of book. Look for this area to grow as we get all the books for this area together. I have started a Parenting shelf in the Children’s Room. This will help busy parents find a book for themselves while they are up here.  They are near the train station and the puppet theater. I also did two sessions on Library Lessons for homeschoolers in the area. …

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Big Changes!

Although they’ve been a long time in the making, some big changes at the Gardiner Public Library are finally NEWS! At last, we are moving forward with renovations of the Community Archives Room.  The first and biggest sign you may have already noticed is the Archives is now commandeering, if you will, the Hazzard Reading Room on the main floor.  In late April, we rolled every last item up from the basement and set up shop in the reading room.  The quarters are a little compact, but things seem to be running smoothly. Moved in! — Our Community Archives Room …

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Library’s Big Dig

Okay, it has been a bit inconvenient to get to the library over the past few weeks…what are all those trucks doing in the library parking lot?  Is it a smaller version of the never ending Big Dig of Boston? Staff agrees, it has been a hassle trying to park and get into the building.  The gas line has come to the library!  You know those annoying traffic delays you hit when you try to get to, well, anywhere, are mostly due to Summit Gas installing the infrastructure so that businesses and residences have an option on heating fuel.  The …

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Books? in the library?

Some of you may have noticed the large infusion of gently used, almost new books into the children’s & YA collection.  Many of these books are from the now closed satellite library at the Boys & Girls Club.  Budget constraints made the closure of our off site library necessary.  These books are a welcome addition to our main collections since they are not 2ndcopies but ones that otherwise had to be ordered from the Boys & Girls Club. Come in and check out our expanded collection, both fiction and nonfiction! Remember September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Boys & Girls Club

As we may all recall from our high school physics classes, every action has a reaction.  The action began as Governor LePage proposed suspension of revenue sharing to municipalities in his state budget.  Many of our legislators tried their best to fund this very important revenue source, but in the end, municipalities grappled with less money to fund services.  Towns began to weigh the importance of public safety versus public roads; support for cultural services versus city services.  All the cuts seemed drastic, but decisions had to be made as communities dealt with this fiscal blow. Gardiner City Councilors weighed …

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Welcome to the Gardiner Public Library‘s blog. Here you will read about events happening at the library, new items in circulation,  Stella’s mood during the day, fun facts, trivia, and the state of the world as we see it.  The blog is generated by an idea from our Ann behind the circulation desk and will have contributions from staff members with their point of view on things.  As this remarkably early and warm spring progresses, check back to our blog here and see what might be developing at the library.