Margaret C. (Peg) Shaw Memorial Garden

The next few weeks would be a great time to take a short stroll through the Margaret C. (Peg) Shaw Memorial Garden. 

The bank of peonies in front of the steps are fully budded and should open for a colorful display within the week.  

The vintage white rose to the left of the steps is covered in blossoms and buds, and the mountain laurel on the opposite side is in full bloom. 

One of the original plantings, a small blossom single petal pink rose is covered in tiny blooms that will leave clusters of lovely orange/pink rose hips later in the season. 

Across the path and abutting the parking lot are some of the newer plantings: budded climbing roses, astilbe, red huechera, and assorted hosta. 

Just ahead, as the path turns are bleeding heart and blue hosta in front of the abor vitae. 

Of course, the rose garden centerpiece in front of the armillary sphere will hopefully bloom repeatedly through the summer. .

Later this summer look for the tree hydrangea, bush hydrangeas, hibiscus, and the three Rose of Sharon bushes to provide late season color . 

All are a work in progress as we try to hold true to the original garden plan as it grows and changes light and space.

Margaret Barter and Joan Vining