Gardiner Public Library Update

Are you a regular library user?

We certainly hope so!!!

And also, we welcome you back to the library.

As EVERY public space/business/event center/etc. etc. etc. in Maine has done, our plans of operation have changed, morphed, shortened, closed, opened again, etc. etc. etc.

Currently we are open five days a week – Monday thru Friday from 10am – 5pm for folks to enter the building and browse our collections.

Masks – masks – masks!  What do we do about the MASKS!?!?!?  As long as our visitors have been vaccinated, we welcome you to come in without your mask.  What a concept – we can see the smiles, and entire faces!!!

The Archives and the Children’s Room are both open, however, they are open by appointment only at this time.  Both spaces are asking visitors to wear masks as this time.  Each of these spaces are small enough and or working with visitors that currently are not able to be vaccinated.

One of the wonderful changes – NO MORE FINES!!!  Yes, we do indeed want our items back, we will still send out reminders of when items are due and/or late, but as long as the items are returned to the library, our patrons will not be charged late fees!  Color us excited!!!

Recently we had our first in person event.  Mr. Drew And His Animals Too entertained, and educated about fifty folks in our Children’s Room.  For various reasons, we required folks to reserve space to attend, and we had a full house.  Very exciting from our end!

There are some staff changes as well.  Our amazing Assistant Director, Scott Handville, is retiring after more than 40 years at the Gardiner Public Library!  What a truly remarkable legacy.  The things that have changed in that amount of time would probably fill several books!  We wish Scott a wonderful, relaxing “stress free” retirement!

A second imminent retirement is our extraordinary Director Anne Davis.  Anne has been at the library more than 30 years, and is currently searching for her replacement.  Anne is now, and has been several times during her tenure in Gardiner, the Acting City Manager.  She will be missed by everyone – library staff, and patrons, as well as every person employed by the City of Gardiner,

We will miss both of these key players at the library, but I’m sure we’ll meet them somewhere in Gardiner!  Perhaps we can play “Where are the library staff?” rather than “Where’s Waldo?”

Internally, we have shifted and morphed some positions as well.

Archivist, Dawn Thistle is our new Assistant Director.  Dawn hopes to be able to continue working in the Archives as well as spending a bit more time on the adult floor of the library.

Jess Betit is our new Young Adult Librarian.  Jess began as a volunteer five or six years ago, became paid staff about three years ago, and will now take over running the YA Area of the library. 

Ann Russell will continue as the Technology Librarian, adding cataloging to her current duties.

So far, Ginni Nichols, Bob Fagan and Marlene Patten have not changed their titles and/or duties, but with a new director joining us, we’ll just have to wait and see!