Elisabeth Ogilvie – A Poem From The Shelves

Poetry from the shelves!  The following poem uses only titles by Maine author, Elisabeth Ogilvie.
The Fabulous Year
The Day Before Winter
When The Music Stopped
The Young Islanders
The Silent Ones
Weep And Know Why
The Road To Nowhere
Where The Lost Aprils Are
There May Be Heaven
The World Of Jennie G.
Call Home The Heart
Jennie About To Be
The Dreaming Swimmer
The Face Of Innocence
Image Of A Lover
A Dancer In Yellow
The Dawning Of The Day
Strawberries In The Sea
High Tide At Noon
Ceiling Of Amber
Waters On A Starry Night
A Theme For Reason
An Answer In The Tide
Beautiful Girl
Turn Around Twice
The Seasons Hereafter