Dance into Spring with an old fashioned musical borrowed from the Gardiner Public Library

Easter Parade (1948) starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.  When his long-time dance partner abandons him for the Ziegfeld Follies, Don Hewes decides to show who’s who what’s what by choosing any girl out of a chorus line and transforming her into a star. So he makes his choice and takes his chances. Of course, since Fred Astaire portrays Don and Judy Garland plays the chorine, we know we’re in for an entertainment sure thing. Babes in Arms (1939) starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.  This classic film stars Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland as teenagers living in Seaport, Long …

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Winter Watching While Watching Winter

Looking for something to do on a cold winter day in Maine?  Here are a few . . . “cool” film ideas for you! W – White Fang I – Ice Age N – Northern Exposure T – True Lies E – Empire Strikes Back R – Return to Snowy River W – White Nights A – Arctic Tale T – Titanic C – Cool Runnings H – Happy Feet I – Iron Will N – North to Alaska G – Golden Compass

Movie Scenes In The Library!

I’m thinking of movies with key scenes that were set in a library.  Can you come up with others? Ghostbusters (1984) – The beginning of the movies has a female specter wrecking havoc on an old card catalog Breakfast Club (1985) – School detention is held in the library The Day After Tomorrow(2004) – Survivors of a world disaster take refuge in the New York Public Library   Gone With The Wind(1939) – Scarlett first meets Rhett in the home library when she flings a porcelain piece at the departing Ashley The Librarian(2004) – Where else would the world’s mysterious …

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Thanksgiving Books and Movies

Check out these books and movies that have the Thanksgiving holiday at their core. Books: Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo An unlucky man in a deadbeat town in upstate New York, Sully must overcome numerous obstacles–a bum knee, terminal underemployment, and a not-too-helpful group of friends–as he copes with a new problem, his long-estranged son. Weight of Winterby Cathie Pelletier Dreaming of the history of the Maine town of Mattagash, a 110-year-old woman relives her own life and runs through the history of the town’s assorted residents, beginning with the season’s first snowfall and ending at Thanksgiving. Cloud Nine by …

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Fall Movies!

September may mean back to school but it also means it’s time for town and country fairs!  The air is crisp, the harvest is wrapping up, and everyone heads to the fair to relax with their friends and neighbors. Here are a few movies that celebrate those good times in one way or another: Babe (1995)  Totally charming fable has intelligent piglet Babe being raised by matriarch sheepdog Fly, and learning the art of sheep herding along with his new canine brothers. Starring James Cromwell. Charlotte‘s Web (2006)  Faithful to E.B. White’s timeless 1952 children’s novel about a young girl …

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Acting for the stage is very different from acting for the screen. The stage actor’s performance must reach not only the audience in the front row, but also the audience in the very last row. Consequently gestures and vocals must be a bit more exaggerated in order to translate to the entire audience. Film acting can involve anything from a long shot with the actor at a distance to an extreme close up where we may only see the actor’s eyes or mouth. Many stage plays have been adapted to film. It is the screen version that most of us …

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