Book Sites for Teens

I thought I would do a blog on different websites teens could visit to keep up to date with all the new books coming out. I am always wondering where the teens find out about books that have just been published – by looking around a book store? or searching the web? Here are some websites I have found helpful. has a website and facebook page which is a very good place to start. Their facebook page was very helpful for the Young Adult on new books.
 Another website is This website has a fabulous layout for teens. Very colorful, suggestions for more reads and it just presents itself as a fun site. is a great website for anyone looking for books to read. There are wonderful reviews and you can rate the books that you have read and make a list of books that you would like to read.

 One website I just learned about, so I have not used it at all is It has a nice set up and a star system to rate the new books. This website looks very useful for even a librarian to use. This one also has a facebook page called YABooksCentral. this a very simple site which tells when the books are being released, and what stores you can find them. the American Library Association website for Young Adult. This website may seem overwhelming to a teen but has some great suggestions.
I would love to hear from you on any websites or facebook pages that you use to find out the new releases, other than book store websites. Enjoy your next read.
Ginni Nichols, Young Adult Librarian.