Autumn means it’s soup time!

As the temperatures drop, the phrase “Soup is good food” runs through my mind.  There is nothing like a delicious bowl of soup to warm you up on a chilly day.  The library has at least three books dedicated to only soup recipes:  Maine-Course Soups & Stews by Dorothy Ivens, Saved by Soup by Judith Barrett, and Lee Bailey’s Soup Meals by Lee Bailey.  Of course any general cookbook will also have great section of soup recipes.  They are so varied in scope, can be so easy to throw together, and can be stretched to feed many.
Some soups that are given in one of these three books are:
Summer squash soup with fresh herbs (uses basically 4 ingredients)
Cabbage-soup-diet soup
Steak and mushroom dinner soup
Sweet and sour meatball soup
Scott Handville, Assistant Director